Editing Portfolio

Below are some examples of books I’ve edited. Click on the book image for a link to its sale page and the circle icon for more information about the author.

The Connor Brothers

Clean and wholesome small-town romances

Rise: An Anthology of Change

A collection of prose and poetry exploring the concepts of change, renewal, and rebirth. A Colorado Book Award Winner.

Wedge of Fear

A city boy confronts his mother's fears and his own in his new Wyoming home.

Lucien Saga

Five tales about the kings who are rescued, kidnapped, ignored, and mocked by the girls they love

Turtle Monkey

A children's series about a mischievous monkey named Turtle

Dancing With the Sandman

A fictionalized account of life in the Southwest in the 1960s

Defending National Treasures

My first semi-official editing gig. One of my college professors asked me to be a research assistant and back-up copy editor for her book on Vichy treatment of French art and culture.

Samples of my writing

Click on the circle icon to download an excerpt of my writing.


An excerpt from my MA dissertation on genre in fin-de-siècle fiction magazines

Not Another Tolkien Study

An excerpt from my undergraduate honors thesis on the origins of the fantasy genre

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