Bonnie is the best!

I hired Lady Knight Editing to do a developmental edit on the third in my series of Sci-Fi novels.  I’ve had two prior editors, but Bonnie is the best!  She provided insightful comments that will lead me to make my book more engaging.  She found my recurring issues but was always positive and encouraging.  She showed me where I did well, to help me do more of that throughout.  I plan to come back to her for my next book!

Rick Allen

Writing coaching elevates my writing

Every coaching session I have with Bonnie gives me new tools to help elevate my writing skills.

Penny Leigh Sebring

Wish I would have done this on my previous books!

Bonnie gave me so many things to consider in terms of plot, character development and general writing tips (show don’t tell, dialogue flow, etc). It made me realize that I’m too close to my work to see plot issues, timeline issues, POV problems, and so forth. The experience was very eye opening. Bonnie is a terrific person to work with—very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend her editing services.

Leah Busboom

Skills, training, and especially compassion

I am in the process of publishing my first book, The Lucien Saga. Bonnie not only edited my story, she also patiently and graciously helped me learn the technologies we used, such as tracking changes. She made what was a very intimidating situation for me, into a partnership to improve my work. I started reading her blog and learned techniques and aspects of writing that I could immediately use. Whether a first book or tenth, I believe Bonnie has the skills, training, and especially the compassion to help writers develop their work.

Diane Nightswonger

She made my book the best it could be

Bonnie McKnight impressed me with her insight while editing my newest book, Wedge of Fear.  She knew how to give positive and constructive criticism, and she helped to bring the best out of me as a writer. I enjoyed working with her and know she made my book the best it could be.


Eugene M. Gagliano, Wyoming Poet Laureate

Grammar Hammer

Crystal publishing logo
Bonnie’s understanding of literary content, grammar, and development are outstanding. I consider her my “grammar hammer” and consult with her often. Her opinions are solid and based on a full comprehension of the literary and publishing process. She works in a thorough, pleasant, and efficient manner.
Patricia Landy, Owner/Publisher of Crystal Publishing LLC

Hire her if you get a chance; she won’t disappoint!

I had put together a textbook for a class I was teaching at Colorado State University.  Although the book contained a lot of useful material, students complained about the writing in the book.  Incomplete and garbled sentences, poor punctuation, paragraphs that were difficult to follow and so on.  I tried without success to bring the writing up to an acceptable standard.  Fortunately, I was able to find Bonnie.  I hired her to go through each chapter and clean up the writing.  She did an outstanding job.  The next year the complaining about the textbook stopped, but I did get some comments about how easy it was to read the textbook.  I can’t say enough positive about Bonnie and her editing skills.  Hire her if you get a chance; she won’t disappoint!
Dr. Gregory Perry, Professor
Colorado State University
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