You Caught Me Monologuing!

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I had a conversation with an author the other day about villain monologuing. He pointed out that plenty of fictional villains throughout the ages have revealed their plans to the heroes. I quoted Syndrome: Villain monologuing is one of those … Read More

Resilience: Northern Colorado Writers Conference 2018

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Last weekend, I went to the Northern Colorado Writers Conference for the first time. I wish I’d known about it years ago! I’ve traveled to other cities for writing conferences, and it was super nice to be able to go to … Read More

The Man Who Invented Christmas, or When to Listen to Writing Advice

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Back in January, my family took me to see The Man Who Invented Christmas at the cheap theater. I highly recommend this excellent movie. It was released last November and then unceremoniously booted from many theaters by The Last Jedi … Read More

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