I had a conversation with an author the other day about villain monologuing. He pointed out that plenty of fictional villains throughout the ages have revealed their plans to the heroes. I quoted Syndrome: Villain monologuing is one of those stereotypes that popular culture both accepts and ridicules at theContinue Reading

Last weekend, I went to the Northern Colorado Writers Conference for the first time. I wish I’d known about it years ago! I’ve traveled to other cities for writing conferences, and it was super nice to be able to go to one just a short drive from my house. Didn’t haveContinue Reading

Ender's game cover

As I was writing last week’s post about white room dialogue, I kept thinking about Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card—a book which famously (and thoroughly) breaks the rule about white room dialogue. So since my last post about a dialogue rule was followed by an example of breaking theContinue Reading

While planning my post on said bookisms, I began reading a series by Robert Asprin called Myth Adventures. My husband convinced me to read the first book, Another Fine Myth, and it was pretty easy to get hooked. One of the first things that grabbed my attention—other than the cleverContinue Reading

Man Who Invented Christmas poster

Back in January, my family took me to see The Man Who Invented Christmas at the cheap theater. I highly recommend this excellent movie. It was released last November and then unceremoniously booted from many theaters by The Last Jedi (which, let’s face it, was quite disappointing and really notContinue Reading